Changes to LEZ scheme and how to keep your community group moving

In light of the extension of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) scheme to include minibuses charities, schools and community groups who have their own minibuses may be considering options to keep their organisation moving.

What is the LEZ? LEZ stands for Low Emission Zone. The important aim of the LEZ scheme is to reduce the number of air polluting vehicles in Greater London and improve air quality. It has operated since 2008 for diesel lorries, buses and coaches but on 3rd January 2012 the scheme will be extended to larger vans, minibuses and other specialist vehicles.

Community groups with a minibus registered as new before 1st January 2002 are faced with options for vehicles 10 years and older that include:

• replacing vehicles with newer models
• converting vehicles to run on pure gas
• paying the daily charge (either £100 or £200-depending on vehicle type)
• paying the penalty charge of up to £1,000 per day
• fitting abatement equipment to existing vehicles

You can find out more about the LEZ here

Is there an alternative? Instead of fundraising for a minibus or costly refit there’s a really great option for community groups. Community Transport Haringey provides a low cost alternative to minibus hire for groups, clubs or non-profit organisations through its Group Transport scheme. Unless your group plans on travelling more than 3000 miles per year, purchasing a new minibus does not make economic sense.

You can find out more about the Group Transport scheme here

Or contact us on 020 8885 3044

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